9 Nov 2007

Random musings

It's rather late at night by all accounts [1.45am & counting], but am still awake, so to occupy this new bout of insomnia, I has been playing with my blogger template, to try make it a little more interesting - so what do you think?! Also have generally been blogging a lot more than usual, which is both strange, but good!!

Am really getting into the concept of not just talking about going to the shops & buying coffee, but reflection & contemplation through writing - & it's a good exercise & discipline to do it regularly. I mean where would we be if the Beeb didn't blog the news?! OK, we'd be without a website, but you take the point I feel!

Anyways, enough musings, finally we havce a random piece of 'why do you still own a PC' advertising from those Apple geekoids - enjoy:

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