8 Nov 2007


Well it's Thursday, & am feeling quite the tiredness - I blame the 9am lectures lolz!!

Today we're looking at vision & leadership with Caz. It's coming at a very critical time for me, because I have to write 2 essays this term & the one which I haven't started yet is about my vision for youthwork (essay question).

Am also in a very rad mood, after a sketchy end of yesterday's lectures.

I'd walked back into town to catch a bus & there was a giant queue for the bus back home, so hung out in Borders & got a McBurger Chicken meal. Picked up a new set of Sennheiser cans (cheap ear-muffs lolz!) & another book on culture (An Anthropologic View of Culture) which looks very insightful - especially the chapter on culture as a religion, because of my upcoming dissertation. So I didn't get home till about 7.30 - a very long day methinks!!

Then spent quite a long time on the phone to my girlfriend, after quite a cryptic text message! We chatted about our growing relationship & love & about the bible study series that she'd just begun. It's looking at a book Called 'Pure' by Linda Marshall (which I'm going to buy & read as soon as I can). I compared that (female) approach to relationships, with the book that I had recently finished reading ('Boy Meets Girl' by Joshua Harris). I also brought up the idea of both studying the Word together & discussing it, as an aid to spiritual development & growth in the knowledge of God. I think that this was a very encouraging & developmental discussion & insightful into how our relationship has been going & where it could be going. This was great & left us both positively joyous!

Today I also had luncheon with Sid - it was good to catch up on each others love lives(!) & we did some interesting reflections on the 'Five Love Languages' (Chapman) & the impact of that learning on my relationship with God. Therefore, how does God show each of those five languages:

1) Acts of Service
2) Gifts
3) Quality Time
4) Words of Affirmation
5) Physical Touch

It's good to bring the idea of love back to God & my relationship with Him.

Right enough pondering - back to lectures ;o)


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