7 Nov 2007

Wednesday blogging.....on a Wednesday ;o)

Had a great start to the day - up early, had an actual quiet time (shock horror!) whilst sat on the bus (my car's (Bubble) exhaust is not in a good way so is at the car-doctor's lolz!) & prayed for PC & other peeps!! Also feeling totally full (& even overflowing) of love for the Mad Eye - I know it seems all lovey-dovey, but tough! It's not just how I think, it's how I feel as well!!

Am now sat in a very bizarre lecture about questionnaires - am in a group with Sid & Ali & asking some very random questions to passers by (1 Do you have a pen? 2 Can I borrow a pen? 3 Do you want your pen back?!)

Good times guys, god times!


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