23 Mar 2008


Also I have started my dissertation properly [more on that later!!] and to take a break from it I got my Xbox 360 back from Hobbit and TC, & got a new game to while away the hours of necessary downtime. It’s called Lego Star Wars.

Again it’s childish and silly, but so addictive lolz!! It’s not too difficult, very funny and a good productive use of my time! It’s easy enough for anyone to play, but I reckon I might be even able to actually complete the darn thing – well at least it will take my mind off my dissertation when I need to!

Six ouT!

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miss kt said...

w00t to lego star wars - hehe who wants to do an essay when i can kick your ass on the flying level :D saweeeeeet - *ahem* sorry i mean once we have finished doing all our work we can play on it