23 Mar 2008

Reflection on Dissertation [Part 1 of.....many methinks!]

OK this is [probably] the last post of today but I thought I’d share a little of what is holding most of my attention – my dissertation! It’s about the following quandary:

Do young people engage with Christian faith as a faith, or a culture [or subculture]?

What I had mostly done was to do a shed-load of reading around my subject [which fried my brain rather well!] and make loads of notes! The plan was to research not just books but interview people as well. Then the intention is to write up my findings into between 8’000-1’1500 words.

But here’s the catch- it ain’t exactly easy!! I’ve got a supervisor who I’m meeting next Wednesday and hopefully he can kick my butt back into gear and get me focussed on getting this thing finished by the close deadline 23rd April – aaargh!!

Right enough blogging, I need to chillax, the go see my Maddie!!

Six ouT

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