14 Jul 2008

CYM Completion

As we speak [ok blog!] I've finished all the work for my degree from CYM!!! This is great because it means no more writing journals or essays or [dare I say it] dissertations!

However, they were a great bunch of peeps the class of '08, so I though I'd give a celebratory shout out to them all for great & memorable times over the past 3 years.

So does this mean I'm done with education of the mind....you know what I don't think so - doing this degree has really given me a thirst for knowledge. But I don't think I need another degree or [dare I breathe it] masters, rather I think I should look closer to home...my bookshelf for one. I have collected a mass of books for both youth ministry & theology & I think I should start by really getting stuck into them, not for quotes, but for practical & realistic ideas!!

Watch this space for some actual random musings - come on it's about time!!

We continue

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