18 Jul 2008


OK got some fatal blow news late on Tuesday - my dissertation needs to be resubmitted as it got a 38RC. Basically this epic failure [hence the pic!] caused me to panic/stress/smash things with hammers/grrrr/etc. Big shouts to Lego for giving me some comedy & a hug lolz! Then tried to get it sorted on the Wednesday, but there was nobody in the CYM Oxford office to try to sort out aaaanything. Frustration therefore continued for the whole day & evening - fail!

So went to see YouthBlog to try to get some advice & then went in to CYM Oxford on Thursday to retrieve my diss. To be honest it's not something which looks very major & I think that a very minor change will improve it. Basically my question for the dissertation was:

"How do young people view the Christian faith, as a faith or as a culture or subculture"

However, the chief criticism is that this looks like I should be looking at 3 separate
ideas, whereas in the introduction, my question changed to:

"How do young people view the Christian faith, as a faith or as a culture/subculture"

Obviously this looks massive/minor depending on how you look at it, but I think a small change or even losing the whole subculture idea might just tip the balance. We shall see on Monday when I meet with the head of Ox CYM.

Finally a big shout out to RevMiri & YouthBlog for their assistance & giving me sage advice on how to sort it.

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