6 Oct 2008


Graduation is fast approaching for Brainshare & as such, randomly I have some thoughts [there's a surprise!]. It means that I finally get a piece of paper & probably about 1000 photos telling me that I have passed through the Centre for Youth Ministry degree course [relatively!] unscathed & qualified as a professional youthworker.

The only problem with this scenario is that currently I have no job!!

Now although tempting to blame the establishment for this small/minor problem, I feel that I cannot. It's not for lack of trying mind you, I have so far been to 7 interviews so far & have just 1 more lined up so far [St Paul's at St Alban's]. However, it does beg the question - if God has put Youth Ministry on my heart - is it right to give up trying to find a ministry at the present season & try again next year?

I know that with my degree I had to wait a year & this was right as it meant I was more prepared for ministry training. So is the same thing true for the beginning of my full-time ministry?! Even when I've been my best [St Lukes at Brighton, WinVin] I've still not managed to get a ministry at the end. The feedback was that I'd done nothing wrong but one of the other candidates were stronger.

SO how do I progress - keep my hand in at my home church, with the possibility of ministry there when the current youthworker finishes in the summer, & work temping or in an office for the next 6-8 months. Or do I keep trying for places in ministry until I get somewhere. It is a big dilemma for me & one which I cannot answer at present.

Those who understand my calling & ministry would tell me to keep going, those who do not [i.e. family] would suggest coming back to Youthwork later on. It does make one want to scream more than just a little bit!

Comments/suggestions are most heartily welcome on this post!!

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