6 Oct 2008

Musical Wizz-kidding

Hey bloggites, time for some more random musical stuffs this time it's the Silversun Pickup's aka SSPU.
Now if I've talked rock music to you this year, you'll probably know that this is my band of 2008! I first heard one of their tracks whilst sat, doing some reading for my dissertation, in a Starbucks in Woking - but not, strangely listening to rock - actually listening to the man Freeland - specifically GU32 [see here for my thoughts on that album]. The track was Lazy Eye & I'm not sure why but it definitely struck a chord with my musical tastes.

As I do, I went hunting for that track & to see if there was an EP or an album about on the interweb, strangely there was nothing, so I actually purchased their debut album Carnavas iTunes. From the first play I could tell I was going to love the band, it was great track after great track; here's their track listing:

1. "Melatonin"
2. "Well Thought Out Twinkles"
3. "Checkered Floor"
4. "Little Lover's So Polite"
5. "Future Foe Scenarios"
6. "Waste It On"
7. "Lazy Eye"
8. "Rusted Wheel"
9. "Dream at Tempo 119"
10. "Three Seed"
11. "Common Reactor"

Lazy eye was great, I knew that, but also Well Thought Out Twinkles, Little Lover's So Polite, Future Foe Scenarios, Dream at Tempo 119 were stand-out tracks. I found that the more I listened to their album, the better I liked it! In fact I even got a copy of the album for Maddie for her birthday back in July [see I remembered darling!].

Their sound is often compared to Smashing Pumpkins - which is no bad thing, but for me it just sounded like if I could make/be in a band - that would be how I'd love to play. They have great control over their instruments [especially their pedal work] & such a great energy - this band is one that I really would pay to see live. I mean come on they even supported to Foo Fighters during their last tour - that's a big recommendation to me! They're like a new-wave of grunge & seeing as how much I'm digging that at the moment - is no bad thing!!

All-in-all this is a band that I cannot recommend highly enough - if, like me you're into a bit of rawk - this is the way forward.

Here's a quick vid of them on Jules Holland - check it out:

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