13 Apr 2009

Silversuns Live Part 3 - The Support Act

Before the Silversun Pickups were on the stage, they had their support act - The Joy Formidable.

I would describe them as a little band with a BIG sound. They are a 3-piece setup - female fronted & lead guitarist, a mad bassist (with the volume up proper loud) & a very accomplished drummer.

Their style was similar style to the Silversuns, very melodic & well put together, loads of power chords & distortion.

The bass-lines were loud - a good thing & the vocals were hauntingly beautiful & very different because of the female lead. The bassist also sang & offered really good harmonies to the mix. Overall this band demand to be played loud - it suited their style & pulsing sound.

Finally, they also offered part of their EP/Album as a free download & for those who indulge, here is their myspace page

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