13 Apr 2009

Silversuns Live Part 4 - The main event

Now we come to the good stuffs - the Silversun Pickups themselves.

I have to say I was properly excited about seeing them live, after how much time I had given over to listening to them & how much of an impact it made on my last year - it's good, happy, feel-good music & very melodic. What was great was that the crowd were all fans & really there to see Silversun's perform live or regulars there to check out a new band.

Their set list (more on that later) was packed with great songs from their EP & album, but sandwiched between these gems were selected tracks from their new album (Swoon, out today from amazon or via iTunes).

They were great, funny & Brian (the lead singer & guitarist) kept playing even when one of his pedals failed. All the songs were similar to the album versions, but there were some good 'live additions' between the song & you could see that they had really nailed down how they were going progress through their set. I decided that I really do want Brian's guitar - it is awesome (Epiphone Sheraton 2 from a previous blog)

Overall rating for the gig would 5* out of 5 - it was a great venue, great crowd, great warm-up band & awesome main act & to top it off I didn't have to sell my kidneys just to get a ticket! I'd give it 6*'s but the parking sucked (£1.50 for 15 minutes 24/7, I think not!!).

Finally, given the chance to see a small & intimate gig like this, with a great band like this again, I would literally jump at the chance & will certainly see them again next time they're within 100 miles of Oxford!!

P.S. Check out Lazy Eye live here

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