28 Oct 2009

Move On Up/Plans:

So here is a plan for me for the short term - keep working hard & trying to convince Pearson that I'm a necessary member of the team, rather than 'just a temp'.

My actions so far have been to firstly write an observational document & then begin to look at creating some statistical fact to back my observations.

So far so good.

But what will a more long-term contract mean in reality?

Well I did start to explore (mostly when going for the KBC youthworker job) about the idea of moving out of my current abode & out into somewhere new. To do this requires money (naturally) & stability.

If (& at the moment it is still a BIG if...IF) I do manage to get a more permanent contract, rather than temporary, there exists the possibility of getting a small house, still in Kidlington, which I could move into after Christmas. The great thing about that is that it's 2 bedroom, so a house-mate would be in the order - so checked with my good friend Hobbit, who thought it could be great!

So the potential exists to (finally) move out & get some independence & have a good deal of fun (& Pro Evo) in the process.

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