15 Jan 2010

2010 - we begin

So anyways there is a very good reason for that - I have actually been out of the country for once - skiing in Les Gets in the French alps (just down the valley from Morzine & Avoriaz which I have visited before many times). But more on that when I actually remember to upload the blog I wrote when I was away lol.

So what else has been happening - well gaming wise: (cue more reviews coming methinks) Assassin's Creed 2 & Left 4 Dead 2 have been purchased & am currently enjoying each immensely. Also Serious Sam has been released on XBox Live in full HD & I might well have to get that as well - to keep Maddie happy!

Also had a couple of parties - a Christmas-Eve-Eve party celebrating my birthday, then another one a New Years-Eve-Eve which was a little bit more impromptu, but equally fun. Also got some awesome presents for Christmas (photos on my Facebook page) but on top of all that rad pile - a Blu Ray player from my old man - it is the Panasonic DMPBD60 MR DVD & it definitely is worth it - Star Trek was the first played & it did rock hard. The only think I need to do is get some good speakers with it for some super sound!

Musically much Deadmau5 & another in the look of DJ Zinc - fun & expect more soon.

.....we continue

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