16 Jan 2010

Skiing blog

For this years ski trip we accompanied some families of my home church (Kidlington Baptist Church) to visit the very friendly resort of Les Gets. It's about an hour from Geneva & just down the road from where my aunt had a chalet - Morzine & Avoriaz.

It was a bit of an epic drive - we left bright & breezy at 2am on New Year's Day & arrived about 6:30pm at our stop off hotel (free interwebs was most important of course!). Next day we headed off to the resort early, to get out boots & ski's & then had our warm-up avo on the slopes.

It took a little while to get back into the swing of things & I think a lot had to be with being stuck & under-rested in the car. I think flying is defiantly the preferred method of transportation to anywhere further away than like...Devon!

The Madd Thoughts fell over a couple of times on the first day & laughed the first few off, but gut a little too hurt on the final run down of the day - helmet has been a very useful addition to her ski gear - but it was properly icy & rocky & her first experience of the mogul's was not the greatest in the history of the world.

So far then the skiing has been good, but I think I'm getting a little old…tiredness seems to be happening rather fast & so am not really skiing for a whole day. My most epic fail for me has been the chair-lift fail, I managed to take out PC & throw David B from the chair - it was tragic! The skiing has definitely improved from the iciness, there was a good 24 hours of snowing so fresh powder then a great day - lots of sun & fantastic views so out came the camera of course.

Having said all that, I think that the beauty of this type of skiing holiday - with friends, over say family only, is that he social element is as much a part of he experience, as being on the slopes. So communal meals, sharing rooms, visiting bars & shops, as well as the obvious skiing as a group idea.

The only real issue we've had has once again been financial. I thought that with some serious savings we should be ok. However, even when taking into account the ski passes & trying to over-budget for meals, etc. we still find ourselves running short on funds. The killer has been the ski hire - which runs to basically half of all of our budget.

Wednesday is a rest day, where Madd Thoughts needs to do some serious essay work done & I shall be bloggering more!

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