23 Jan 2010

Growing old is getting old

Well I thought being 29 would change things...nope - still a very tall child. However, this year it's my (whisper it) 30th birthday & I'm not going to let it go by quietly like I did with my 18th, 21st etc. so I feel a silly party coming in the summer!!
I think that way it'll be better weather & trying to get people to party of Christmas Day is very unlikely, so big summer party with loads of friends & drag some family over & a smaller bash on Christmas Eve (or Eve-Eve like this year).

So far I've created a very extensive guest list & will need to be as realistic as possible & then work out the finer details - date, food & drink, workcrew, venue & theme - lots of fun to get this going though.

More to follow when I get my brain going....

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