30 Jan 2010

New Console

This is a big of a double edged Blog, but here goes...

My delightful Xbox 360 failed....again - first it was the 3 red rings of death issue that I talked about over here, then the DVD-ROM drive stopped working as well (not picking up that a game was in the drive). I looked at the possibility of switching to a new DVD drive is possible, but highly complicated (have a look at this *.pdf but it looks like a total mission).

Therefore I got a totally fresh console, with warranty etc. the Elite version with 120GB hard drive which looks much better in terms of overall aesthetics, but also the quality of gaming - it's pure HDMI & you can really see the difference. I think that in comparison to the old machine there's an improved graphics card & RAM& you can see the quality jump.

The great thing is the gaming upgrade - it really feels like a new console & has a smaller power pack & colour-coded accessories & better still it came bundled with Forza 3 & Mass Effect 2 (reviews coming soon).

There is unfortunately a however...when getting the current model, there is no HDMI cable bundled with it & the controller came with non-rechargeable batteries & will require further investment to get a chargeable powerpack. Also it does not come with built-in wireless, which would have been a very nice addition (although admittedly I prefer LAN as it's a better & truer connection).

All in all am very happy with my purchase & can now get on with my serious gaming!

Gaming....we continue

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