26 Jan 2010

Blogs being misquoted

I just saw this from Dara O'Braiain's twitter account & it's definitely a warning to other bloggers out there to be careful what you write. Have a look at this article, where this blogger has been 'quoted' in a Mail on Sunday article.Then have a quick look at her response & the impact it's caused her. I sent her a comment:

I just saw this link from Dara O'Briain's twitter & am outraged for you - it's completely ridiculous. A blog is supposed to be our private thoughts & opinions which we bear to the internet because we choose to in our own method. To have it twisted & forced into a newspaper  article - especially for something as epically fail as the Mail on Sunday - is ridiculous to say the least. I urge you to pursue this  legally, because it's unacceptable, lazy journalism & puts you in a terrible position with your job - all without your knowledge. It misrepresents you in a public forum without your permission - I'd  start kicking ass & taking names...now!
Just because I think it was necessary to support a fellow blogger - unfair is an understatement methinks.

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M. Schregardus said...

I am said blogger .. thank you so much for the support. I have been overwhelmed by the comments from other bloggers and twitter followers.