7 Feb 2010

Great Moments in Life: Holidays

Playing on the black gravel beaches of Teneriffe with my little bother, when were much more innocent children.

Learning to ski in Serre Chevalier as a per-teen whilst still at school & earning my 3 star's badges.

The French Exchanges - I've been on 2 & they both involved mostly learning to swear in french! However, the experiences of other cultures useful for setting me up later in life with an interest in cultures.

Giant seafood & epic meals in Portugal - including giant grilled prawns - learning the word langoustine!

Staying in the Schweizerhof in Davos with James, Susan & Don & Will & Kat. Also in the same resort being there at the same time as one of the World Economic Forum guns, barriers & security everywhere.

Skiing in Galtur [Austria] with the Cranston clan on numerous occasions - great memories of hanging with all manner of creature; all the Cranstons & Hobbit, Nate Adams, Dave & Rachel Adams & Madds & the old man - brilliant holidays.

Road trips in the summer 2005/6/7/8 - packing as much clothing & gear as could fit in the car - drive to see friends & family & living out of my car - a lot of fun & would recommend it to those wanting to escape for a few weeks of unplanned win.

Getting the chance to go to America in 2008 - a whirlwind trip starting with getting a flight within a couple of days of finding out I was going, to meeting up with a party of people who I'd never met before & had no idea what thy looked it, going to New York & Washington (amongst other places) & sitting in the House of Representatives & seeing the media broadcast room - epic!

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