5 Feb 2010

Great Moments in Life: Dance Music

Discovering Trance - Gatecrasher Red on cassette & then the arrival of CD's meant life would never be the same again - dance music forever a part of my psyche.

Being given & educated in, eclectric music [thanks Chris Bradford & Matt 'Brad' Oakley], then seeing Lemon Jelly play in Birmingham, after getting 4 tickets, taking both my parents to a gig together - classic gig.

Discovering Hard House - via Rick Castle/ISC crew - Insomnia 1 & Hard House Euphoria begin a long & industrious career as a clubber/cyberfreak - baggy combats, Acupunture shoes, tight Cyberdog (ultraviolet glowing) vest tops & spiky multi-coloured hair! My understanding of Dance musical genre expanding rapidly.

Clubbing for the first time properly to Hard House - Storm [Coalville/Leicester]  with some of the old ISC configs crew - best moment all lined up on the podiums, all pretending to fly in formation - brilliant.

Becoming a member of Sundissential [I still have my members card!] & discovering the joys of real clubbing, although I must admit I was the only one just on just water & not other...chemicals, but the experience of very happy people just there for the music & the atmosphere of awesomes.

Seeing the epic Lab-4 playing Sundissential & 2 venues in Oxford, getting Adam's autograph & chatting to the big man himself - always the toughest music & no DJ could follow them - they had to be the set closers of choice! No hard house DJ/artist was tougher back in the day.

Meeting up with Ed Steele [from school] & discovering that he is a DJ & one half of a breaks DJ team & runs a night in Oxford - the legendary Fresh Out the Box. Cue trying to find any CD I own of breaks music, the only one being Elastic Beats from Mixmag.

Discovering the joys of Adam Freeland - his live mixes: Wonderlust & Essential Mixes, the COPE album & Evil 9 , Ills & Fabric mixes - these are the breaks becoming a permanent fixture phrase.

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