3 Feb 2010

Great Moments in Life: Rock Music

In no particular order:

Seeing the Silversun Pickups live in London & Oxford in 2008/9- my favourite band & with Maddie last year. Also when they payed in Oxford - going properly mad [not gone off like that since my clubbing days, nor since] to the SSPU was amazing.

Seeing the Foo Fighters live in Wembley - standing room only, epic rock & to top it off they had fireworks & released it on DVD & had one of the original guitarists (Pat Smear) joining them as a touring guitarist. Dave Grohl & his crew have been at the top of my gig list for a long time & I have now seen them 4 times & they have never failed to blow me away, if you ever get the chance to see them - do not hesitate!

Seeing the mighty Muse live in the brand-new Wembley stadium - with Hobbit, Horse & Ben - even though we were sat down it was still amazing to see the mighty boys from Devon electrify the stadium at large. They released the gig as the H.A.A.R.P. live recording & it is rather amazing & definitely worth watching.

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