1 Apr 2010


Ahhh April Fool's day - the celebration of silly things & also strangly the first day for paying rent - strange but true. To celebrate this strange day, take a look at some of the best april fools gags around. My personal favouties are the 'left-handed Whopper', 'Drink-driving whilst on the internet', 'Internet spring cleaning' & 'Flying Penguins'.

However the classic 'Rickroll' seesm to be missing. This was an internet meme where almost every seemingly useful link on the internet (including all the main videos on the front page of Youtube) was redirected to a video of Rick Astley's epic (i.e. fail) 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. This happened in 2008 where it was everywhere!

We'll see what today brings, but comedy always happens...rofl!

We continue....

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