22 May 2010

brb lol!

OK this is going to be my last post for the next week or so, as I'm actually leaving these fair shores for a few days next week.

My grandfather gets his teeth done in Poland - for financial reasons (apparently it's loads cheaper), & last time he took my baby brother with him, so this time it's my turn. I know it's been a good 2 years or so since my last dentist appointment & I know there's going to be a lot of work needed to be done (2 very fail root canals plus half a dozen fillings...at a conservative guess).

I'll be in for some pain, but that's easily handled & I know my fiancee will appreciate the effort!

The last time, there were some complications with air travel which led to a major issue getting people back to the UK. It's the first time I've been on a plane for 18 months, so hopefully air travel has fully recovered from the knockback this caused.

We continue.....

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