21 May 2010

Running till the wheels fall off

OK so I've been toying with the idea of trying to get into a better shape (yes, yes I know round is a shape...shhhh) for this here wedding coming up in a couple of summers time (and if you didn't already know that I got engaged...seriously dude?). I'm not the most self-conscious of people & for a very long time I've been of the opinion that, size is not important - I've been borderline-anorexic in my youth & for many years got out of the habitual eating practices. This has lead me to be more sporadic with my eating practices & me out of routing. This has then not only impacted my opinion of food & eating, but masked my love...for cooking!

However, I have, firstly with the help of my Aunt & Uncle/Godparents, & more recently, with the influence of a certain King family, been eating better & more regularly. With this has also also come into focus the fact that since finishing my degree, all my jobs have again been office-based. This means I'm spending a lot more time sat down on my backside playing with computers & not really getting out there amongst the world.

So it got me thinking - I need to get back on my bike- & not just the proverbial one, my actual, physical bicycle! So far I've tried to ride into work as many times as I can during the week, but have yet to actually do more than one day on the trot! What I really need to do would be to hit the gym & get me a personal trainer...however costs mean that it's not really that feasible - I am trying to save for a wedding.

So I struck upon an idea...employ a Cranston!

I had a rather frank chat with young TC to see if he might be able to lend me a little of his time, to try to get into shape for the wedding - my thought here is a friend who (probably!) won't take the mick out of me (the whole time!) & at the same time would not be afraid to kick my ass in to gear (read: encourage/empower) to keep going, even when my body needs a sit down. Also what was brilliant was getting me to stretch out afterwards & also he gave me to exercises to build on what we are attempting - so sit-ups & press-ups (both of which are totally alien to me) to attempt to begin the toning process.

I know that historically I definitely can run (Cokethorpe Cross Country winner in 1997 & shaving a minute off the record time) & it may be a little buried, but I know I have a determination in the idea - not for anyone else, but for myself - getting trim/into shape/fit, or whatever is something I feel I can achieve & it's no bad thing.

I've acquired some gear - all the essentials (shorts & shoes!) as running in Merrells/Vans is not so good for your feet! The first time was absolutely killer - we did about 3 miles & I was really hurting for a whole week. However, the second time was much better & I think once I start to get into this, I can effectively run on my own, without needing the encouragement that TC brings. I've cycled in a few times & started to get some reps going, but it's going to be a long road....no pun intended (well maybe a little one!)

...we continue