20 May 2010

Random work-i-ness related stuff

So once again seem to be slacking, but this time it's my geekery taking over again! I've been epically html coding (with a little help from Dreamweaver) to try to revamp the internal website that my crew uses. Once again I've been tasked/self-tasked with kicking the old website into the new era of VLE's & 10 times the number of product.

To do this, I have slimmed it down, cut away/prune all the crud which was never used & streamline all the data.So rather than having 5 pages for one series of products, just make one! Rather than having a page for every single product done by the company, create links to the online FAQ's.

What I have effectively done is to create a portal with links to other websites, patches etc. but written in such a way as to be as customer-focused as possible, but written for the support crew to use as a platform to find out info. So where somethings already been created, html links work better than simply duplicating pages/data.

I've also been slowly talking to imbalance of a company who officially support OSX but in reality nobody really has a clue...apart from a certain person who's been using OSX since he left the company over 4 years ago(!). I've done a compatibility matrix which is essentially just a drop-down product list which will tell you instantly what is & is not OSX compatible. Hard work, but definitely very useful.

The other tasks I've done have been to do a VLE upload document (which I found out today I need to change...thanks oh nameless provider!) demonstrating the most effective method for 3 big providers. It's a bit of a thankless task, but useful in the long run.

I know that I work best with project work, & much as I moan (especially when I 'break' the intranet!) I love projects really!

..........we continue

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