10 May 2010

Recent Slackness 2

OK a little more on the recent lack of Brianshare from the post from last week - with why I;m using my paper (huh? Oh wait I remember that!) journal, I'm basically writing down ideas as me & Maddie think about them, or other friends are giving helpful things to contemplate.

So although I'm not blogging - I'm being a super-keeno & have written down loads of ideas, mostly at a conceptual stage of the thinking process, with an overall aim of getting an overview idea for planning & more importantly getting a budget down.

So it's not only getting me brain on paper (as per last week's post)it's trying to get my brain going & stimulated to process things like what. who, when & where, then the little details like how much & who's gonna take care of what!

I know that the youthworker in me likes to organise things (sometimes) & plan (occasionally) but what I'm doing is getting effectively a proposal, so I've looked at things like:
  • who I'd like to have as ushers & best man, 
  • a provisional guest list, 
  • what sorts of things could form a wedding list
  • what sort of music would be good in & around the service
  • what (provisional) budget/costs would be good
  • honeymoon ideas
  • stag 'do' ideas
  • where to get married & live
  • what to wears
  • reception ideas
But I'm not trying to necessarily organise everything now - 2 years in advance - I know things change, but I thought it helpful to get some details down, so that we have a rough idea of how many people we're looking at inviting - do we want a reception & it so where & who might we invite. Also with numbers of ushers/bridesmaids, all this will help get a general feel as to what the rough costs might well be.

I know that I work best with a budget - so when planning for how to fill a youth centre with tech & having an almost open book that was hard to deal with, but when someone says here is X for this specific purpose, I then can begin to gauge what can be done to budget. So when someone says I want to get a new TV & my budget is £500, I can then come up with a couple of options to get the biggest/best for the money. Not because I'm a cheap-ass, but it's just that I need to have a rough idea of parameters to work within.

Right enough rambling for a mundane monday!

We continue....

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