19 Jan 2011

Getting older IRL

So apparently it was my birthday & it was my largest by far (irony? I think not) & I am now officially an age that rhymes with; dirty, flirty, hurty, shirty, etc. & I was beginning to wonder if this partially-interesting fact would make any real difference to me - the sad truth is that it did - although almost imperceptibly!

So we had a few issues with Maddie getting my Birthday/Christmas presents from Amazon in time for Christmas Day (for those precious few who don't know...that's when my birthday is) but it did not concern me, unusual. Then post-Christmas I bought a new bag (also not a surprise) but it was more of a professional briefcase rather than a rucksack! Then I bought me a new jumper but with elbow patches! Then it gets stranger - this weekend, I went to the shops not caring in the slightest that I looked like a deranged hippy, cooked a  roast & did a weekend of spring cleaning. Clearly I'm getting old!

I think my actions and thought processes are becoming more long-term - I'm thinking about the impact that I have with my spending or travel on my plans for the wedding - where we can reasonably go for our first night hotel, where can we actually afford to go on honeymoon, but more importantly - where can we realistically afford to live?

It is a bizarre thought, to think of one getting older, but there we have it - it is a fact of life.

We continue...

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