25 Jan 2011

Wedding Update: now it's this year!

So it's 2011, the year when I (finally) get married to my beloved (awww) and to be honest it's looking a lot closer this side of January than it looked/felt last year - things are starting to get firmed up and put in place to make our special day ....special!

Expanding on my previous post there's a lot going on with the wedding now - it's all kicked off again & I've now established many things:

First Night: all booked (not paid for yet) and ready to go - I'm very much stoked about it - should be pretty amazing! I've booked us in for 2 nights, but I won't be sharing where we're going...that'll take the surprise out of it!

Honeymoon: after initially looking at further afield than Europe, then some specific countries in Europe for where we should jet off to, eventually I grounded my thoughts into what we wanted to get from our honeymoon and the reality of what we could actually comfortably afford. Therefore we're going to do what previous generations did & disappear to somewhere in the UK, somewhere I know has no phone reception or internet access & just spend the time being with each other. It's not expensive, but should still be just what we need, to escape to the country.

Transport: very recently (last week) we had a very kind offer of a camper van to take us from the  free of charge, complete with driver - a fully refurbished & minted baby-blue bay - excellent & just what Madds wanted :D

Stag Weekend Plans: So after meeting with my best man (JMC) we have decided to go Coasteering in the Home of Coasteering (Pembrokeshire apparently) & are currently trying to source where to stay in the local area...more details to follow!

We continue...

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