2 Feb 2011

Online overdose?

A very random thought from this morning & it's all about online social networking

So when I got engaged last Easter, the way we told people, was actually not by telling people (confused yet?) it was in fact by utilising online social networking - specifically updating our relationship status on Facebook! The effect took only a few moments & then the (digital) congratulations began, as well as texts, phone calls & email - it is a strange thing to think that if you go back even as little as 5 years, this would be unheard of! Now it seems that things don't appear to happen if it's not on Facebook...how many people on now remember someone's birthday because it's on Facebook (be honest!)!

I jokingly suggested that during our wedding in October we should update our relationship status again (preferably to say we're married) - for some reason this was met with a frown (can't image why!) & that I must be joking & of course I was (sort of!). 

Having said all that it is interesting to see the afftect of online social networks - they have become almost daily routines for a growing number of people (300'000'000+ users & growing every minute) & has become a part of people's offline lives - an interesting contemplation would be to think about a world without Facebook (or indeed Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or the internet (like Egypt right now!) - I wonder how people would cope?

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