23 Nov 2006

ahhhh Gears......of War

More blogging you say - surely not!

Tough - lol! Just for fun here's some more thoughts from yours truly, about.............something a little different - the gaming world of the XBox 360!

OK there's a new game on the 360 called Gears of War. It's a third person shooter set in a pseudo-earth with some very stereotypical Americans as the hero's (3 guesses as to the nationality of the American developers......hang on - d'oh!) who fight against some very tough enemies - none of you Call of Duty 2 shots & your dead type baddies, not 10 headshots & they're still charging at you - in a word.......cool!

The physics, graphics & sheer gameplay are all-encompassing & totally own you whilst play. Mind you it is an 18 certificate game, but seeing as I'm 25......who cares! It gory, they swear, but overall it's a blast (so to speak) to play.

There are just so many nice bits, like the system which allows you to get into cover & 'blind-fire' from cover & shred the enemies & the badass machinegun which is cool, but has a secondary function of.........a chainsaw - genious! So that I'd give this 11 out of 10 for the sheer audacity of it all. If there is only 1 gripe however it's this the snipering modes don't impress me too much, as the aiming is a little cumbersome, but apart from that - WOW just buy this game if you own or have 'borrowed' a 360 - a proper WIN!

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