23 Nov 2006

Thursday?! is it, already

Yeah well!

G'day bloggers, today young Simon is most confused - it's Thursday.......I think, but I don't know where the week has gone - but I have an idea!!

It's essay season in the world of the CYM student & as such I have one essay due in tomorrow & another next week - d'oh! However, the good news is that I've finished the one due tomorrow & submitted it today - winner! It was all about Christology & its relationship to prejudice/stereotyping that happens in my of contemporary culture. Somehow I even managed to get in a quote from Dylan Moran about prejudice of gay people which although is initially can be seen as comical , actually reflects some deep human judgements which are as present today as they have ever been, it's just that now we are more aware of them i.e. Enlightened.

The other essay.....well I haven't even started yet, but I'm going to get cracking on with it over the weekend - joy!

Also today we had small group again which was cool & really relevant to me at the moment as it was all about keeping going under pressure & this is what I'm feeling at the moment from all side of life.

But it seems like one thing after another at the moment & when things like my health are affected it's just no fun! I've now been feeling flu-like with a headache, dodgy stomach & an irritating cough for about a week & it's sapping my energy which makes me think that I need a break.....but I have too much to do so I end up working rather than recovering. It's not that my health is unimportant, it's just that I deem the work too critical. Hmmm.

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