23 Nov 2006

Youthwork Conference Pt2

This blog was written on 21/11/06

Good avo my fellow blogfans!

Right I'm going to give some more feedback about Youthwork the Conference! But first.......congratulations to 2 people - my 'little' brother James, for making it to the grand old age of 24! (21/11/2006) Also to Ian for managing to read my last blog post on Saturday about an hour after I wrote it & talked to me about it that day - impressive Obi-Wan!

Right then the conference, it was weird bumping into so many of my fellow CYM students outside of Uni, as well as Ian (bizarro). The conference seemed to be a bit spread out for me & the venue & amount of people there was far bigger than up in Southport. It was really good, but unfortunately because I wasn't feeling too great still, my concentration was not as focused as I would have liked, also because I went in solo it lost any purpose of relation-building. I have to say that whilst everyone else was in groups, they may have had a better time. But don't misunderstand me I still enjoyed myself, but it could have been better!

Finally I'm now off to see Casino Royale with the famille crew, then it's off to group - more mixing & chilling - win!

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