21 Apr 2007

More Bloggage Time

OK people's it's time for my most randomist blog methinks!

So firstly muppet tests, go check out this quiz to see which muppet your personality most fits in with - I'm Kermit. I think that it proves beyond all reasonable doubt that I am a muppet lol!

Now what's been happening with me, well it's been the Easter holidays [duh] & I've been trying to turn the empty shell of a building into something resembling a youth centre! The time imput has been massive, as have the contributions by all the youth team & this led me to succeessfully run my first 2 groups in the New youth centre on Tuesday & Friday this week - winner! This meant we only had a 2 week turnaround from when I got the keys to when we opened - not bad, methinks!

Also in the youth project I wrote me first newsletter for the local press [the very awesome Nor Lye News] with some info for young people & their parents & with a request for some volunteers to help the youth project. The press deadline is Monday so we'll see if it makes a difference.

Also managed to drop some heavy requests to my Managment Committee because I asked them for 2 very big things:
  1. 15-20 leaders asap
  2. a vision for the project
These things are so critical for me doing my job that I deemed them critical to the project's survival - so that was a fun meeting!

More later - it's time for me first Men's Breakfast at my home chuch - nice!

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