21 Apr 2007

Easter & Cycling

OK so enough of the depressive - on to the positive! After a meeting with young Lego, who advised me of 2 things:

1. I need to get my head together!
2. I need to get out of my room/house & get me a hobby!

I decided to [shock, horror] take some advice! & decided to get off me bum & get some cycling done, but first I needed something useful - a bicycle lol! So I got me Trek 1200 [2007 Edition]. Which looks like this:
I also got all the other gear - lights, helmet, jersey, emergency road repair kit, a CamelBak pack & ummmm lycra shorts!!! So I can at least look the part, well apart from the shorts - Simon is not convinced lol!

For those doubters [i.e. everyone!] who think I'm never going to use it - you are severely mistaken - because since I got the bike back to Oxford, I've been on a long cycle ride [i.e. over 10 miles] 5 times - including cycling into Uni - so there!

Hopefully I'll get more used to it, because the riding style & positition are totally different from all the bikes I've had before. Also I need to keep my motivation up & keep at it - the idea is to go both on my own & with others - Oli, TC, Hobbit & Pete Barker for starters & hopefully more if people get in to it.

The bike is super-light & is pretty quick [although my brother will most likely disagree with that!] but seeing as I'm not in "peak physical fitness" [or an old fat git as it's normally put!] then I think it's going to take a few weeks/months for me to be able to do some real speeds & distances on me bike. The route into Uni is about 7 miles or so & that takes me about 35 minutes so far, but hopefully that will get faster - I reckon!

The other side of things - i.e. my head - I'm should be starting to go to counselling in May [financial issues stop me from starting any earlier] so I should then be able to rant to get all the things occupying my brain out - which is super-shiny!

Right enough blogging today methinks - adios!

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