21 Apr 2007


Easter break was another interesting one for me - this time last year I needed some time off from youthwork because I got very close to the burning-out stage [so commonly associated with youthworkers] - well this year was unfortunately more of the same - the youth centre work [trying to make it look less like a big lounge!] absolutelty drained my down-time to almost nill - the only time off was driving 600 miles over 4 days with my Dad, which was quite frankly sh*te - whereas I'd expected some actual family time - it was more about my Dad focusing on my half-sister [10 years old] who was demanding all the attention, time, money, etc. I ended up having to use all my monies on trying to do what I could - then got it all back the day he left - suspect! For those who don't the situation - my Dad lives & works out in Switzerland [Zurich to be precise] & comes back every month or so to see his daughter [note: not his 2 sons!] so myself & my brother see my Dad rather infrequently - which is rubbish, but that is unfortunately pretty much my family for you!

Also I managed to split up with my girlfriend Jennie after 2 & a half years which really sucked, but it was mutual[ish] & was at least amicable. I'm not going all sloppy & girly but it was definietly a difficult time for me.

So add those 2 together when all I wanted to do over Easter was chill out with my girlfriend who I'd not seen properly in weeks & my Dad who I'd not seen in months & my friends who I'd not really seen properly all term & it made Easter all a big pile of poo!

This caused a small problem in Simon's brain which meant I didn't feel my ususal bright chipper self - not good & just for fun I seem to have done insufficient fieldwork as I have been fucusing all my efforts on my placement work, rather than anything else - rubbish! There were some more positive things to come out of my Easter break, but more later! but for now I leave you with the following pic from 300 an excellent boyz movie:


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you sir are an idiot of the highest calibre