14 Jul 2007

Rock off

Seriously this blogging is getting rather addictive, which is nice - I'm finding that this a good way to get my brain on paper - the traditional way of describing writing my testimony or a real heartfelt email - don't look, just type!!

Having not been listening to any rock in about a week - that leaves me with Trance, old skool Dance & of course Breaks! Mostly some stuff from Fabric Live (breaks) & some good old 'Crasher favourites (that's trance for those who don't know). The last thing vaguely rocky I listened to was Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible' & I'm not convinced that counts lol!

But me being me & changing my music preference rather frequently shall we say, I'm sure I'll switch the rock back on - I think I just overdosed on Muse, well it's a theory at least!!

As the great Pete Tong puts it..........we continue!!

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