1 Aug 2007

What are YOU doing.....this summer?!

OK for those who don't already know - this summer I am mostly going to be doing a Road Trip. This is basically going round the country to see my friends & family, amongst the 2 weeks of summer camp I'm leading on. I started last Saturday & I have been keeping a diary, so that I know what on earth I've been doing for the whole of August!!!

The theory for this is to pack my car with a months worth of clothing, plus about a weeks worth of food, my bike, & full camping gear [oh & Sully] & drive here there & everywhere, but basically hang out in the south of England!

I'll be posting my holiday diary things whenever I get the chance [& WIFI] so expect updates quite regularly - the first couple will go up later today I think lol!

Adios amigos!

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