14 Aug 2007

Day 10/Indiana Jones Day

Day 10 - Monday:

Woke up early (well early for me lol) at 7 (ouch!!) ready for the day! Firstly there was a leaders meeting with Jules leading an early morning bible study, then a mass prayer session & information about what was happening that day & trying to inspire all the leaders for the rest of the day/week.

Today was the Indiana Jones adventure day. This meant a series of challenges in the New Forrest, including transporting Yeti Blood [bleuch!] [with Captain Beakie], picking up Dollie’s & climbing trough a rope-web [with Smellit], lugging trees around a course [Captain Bear & Tanya], guiding someone blindfolded round a course [Ginger Ninja & Mad-Eye], guiding a boat [loaded with a Resussi-Annie] road a course [George & Rosie….I think] before the most evil of them all – the bog pit [Wrighty & AJ] – where you first of all had to get your feet wet by walking 250m up a stream, then go into a boggy area & play search, rescue & hide – it was really disgusting & I was not completely impressed with trashing my fairly new Merrells, but hey what can you do! For all the challenges etc., I was working with the youngest campers & was working with the great Shani, who was loads of fun [even though she kept calling me Dave for some reason….hmmm!]

After cleaning off we chilled out before 2nd Helpings [with Jules] whilst I sorted out my tent & moved some stuff around, so I wasn’t sleeping practically on top of Nate lols!! Then it was PJ’s, this time with ‘Just a Minute’, a Bill Bailey track, etc. Next off to bed for some more sleepage!!

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