14 Aug 2007

The Wedding [Day 8]

Day 8 - Saturday:

Ahh the Wedding! Yes, well as I'm sure all the students in my year group know, two of my Uni crew are due to get married today.....however, I am also due to start camp (Mid Wessex) today to - d'oh, how can I be in two places at once? Hmmm! Well with the good grace of the man in charge of my camp this week (Tim Beacon) I'm allowed to turn up tommorow (Sunday, I think!) which is great, as it means that I get to see some more crazy people get married - eeek!!

Anyways I got up & had a leisurely breakfast & repacked my car & took myself & young Jennie down to this posh hotel (Norton Park) near Andover. When we got checked in, with about an hour to go till the wedding, we checked out the room & I have to say it was pretty awesome - a little better than the last time I stayed at a 'hotel' (aka Travellodge) - with a rad 28 inch LCD TV built into the wall, a really nice bathroom & a really comfy bed with nice surrounds, a fridge, safe & allsorts!

So we both got ready to go (Jen ironed my shirt for me to tee hee!) & tried to find the church in Andover lol which was classic: 'oh look I see a church tower - that must be it....but where can we park eeeek!!' etc. We did arrive, a little bit late, as both bride & groom were already by the alter by then! We found some seats & I recognised Nick from my course, then Mikey, Hannah, Claire & even Yolanda - not a bad turnout methinks! (afterwards Dom was there to!)

The service itself was really good & very Han & Mark (now Mr & Mrs Vicarage lol) where they exchanged standard vows, as well as their own commitment vows (1, 2, 3.........awwwww!!) also there was loads of worship, & Yoko (Yolanda) sang Amazing Grace (Gospel style) & there was a song made up for the bride & groom, & poetry & it was just really chillaxed & cool & best of all, the after-wedding photo session was fairly fast - win!! The church itself had really narly decorations; candles, sashes, flowers everywhere & an archway just in front of the alter covered in ivy for them to stand under - all very cool! Oh & for all the girls, the dress looked like a cross between the dress from Pirates of the Caribbean & mixed with lace & gold underlay & was corseted - rad! She also had some flowers in her hair, but I am a man & I have no idea what flowers they were lolz!

After the service we all gathered together for the reception & that, although was an 'interesting' journey (yeah Satnav only works if u a postcode or any clue where you're going whatsoever lol!), was really awesome!! It was a mill & all outside, the food was great & there was Pimms....what could be better?! A great time was had by all!! They also had a narly idea of taking photo's of all the guests for an album & getting them to sign their good wishes - genius, & crazy Han decided to stand in the river for some photos.....in her wedding dress - the crazy Foo lols!!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel & chillaxed & watched more bad TV (Jaws 2 & Lake Placid on the same night - d'oh!) & I crashed on out!

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