14 Aug 2007

Day 9/MWCC Day 1 or 2, not really sure!!!

Day 9 - Sunday:

Woke up & finally feeling stoked for camp! Had quite a leisurely breakfast (this hotel has the narliest cutlery ever - everything was long & thin - bizarre) & some strong coffee with Jen & waited for her Dad to pick her up from the hotel. Which is where I currently am, updating my holiday diary!!

Bring on camp!!

Got to camp.....eventually! & met up with mes amies (Jo, Smellit, Nate-Dawg, Judge Jules, Cookie, etc.) & got much huggage.......mostly from da Boyz lol! Then started making a journal with 'Pikachu Ind' on the front & got Nate to draw GIR on the back & then put 'What does the G stand for?' next to it lol - always a good laugh being around the Nate, but I think it's a bad idea - we'll corrupt each other lol!! Next was a tasty lunch, then I was 'volunteered' to rush a camper (who was from my tent group last year) who was really ill (he's already been to hospital & diagnosed with either a UTI or Appendicitis & needed to go to the pediatric ward of his local hospital) halfway home (which was also very close to where I started from this morning - d'oh!!) & there was a distinct possibility that I might miss going to the beach - eeeeek!! However, with some rather fast & furious driving, both me & Hobbit made it to the beach & managed to dive straight in the sea - yaaaaay! I love the sea lol!!

After getting back & playing the obligatory game of football, I was introduced to the concept of PJ's (it stands for Pete & James) & they did some classical Mighty Boosh stuff & some Blackadder 4th scripting - it was pretty awesome, but the Boosh went down the best I reckon!! Then I was on duty to make sure all the male campers were asleep!! So late (ish) night for me!

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