7 Aug 2007

more holiday diary bloggerage!

Day 6 - Thursday:

Had an interesting sleep - mostly because of the dreams & visions about Jen - & no not in that way, but it was an answer to prayer that I was not really expecting lol!! Then got up at a reasonable hour & got my stuff together & ready for the off. Then got my car packed & showed Sid the delights of 'Caturday' (cats doing silly things or in funny poses, but with captions - yaaaay captions!! If you want to see more, there are some fine Caturday example on some earlier blogs!). Then I took my leave of young Sid & disappeared off toward Andover in search of a reaonable campsite near(ish) to Andover itself.....& seach I did, & search & search & search!! I found one, about halfway between Andover & Mid Wessex - great! Oh except it was miles out in the middle of nowhere & I doubt I'd find it again.....ever!!

En route to Andover(ish) I also rang Jen & shared what I had been considering, praying about & then getting dreams & visions about! Basically it was about getting back together, but giving purpose to our relationship (oh & for me to get off my long-distance-is-a-terrible-thing high horse) I think my exact words were that I should stop being a pr*ck & be serious - yeah let's work it out!!

Then, after much frustration trying to get out of somewhere called Romsey - it has a weird road system enough to rival Oxford - I reckon I had to go round the place 5 times & be at exactly 88 miles an hour to get out of it's orbit lol! In the end I decided a good use of my time would be to go back to relax & have a bath! Not an unreasonable idea lol! Also because I am going to the wedding (Hannah & Mark) with Jennie & she wanted me to pick her up from Oxford I thought it no harm at all to be back!

En route back to Oxford I called a couple of people; my Mum, Oviler & Hobbit, to see what was going on tonight & found out that Da Boyz were going out for Hobbit's leaving do & why don't I join them - it didn't take much to convince me that was a good idea lol!!

So after getting back & unwinding, I picked up Hobbit, who told me that I also needed to pick up Oli (d'oh back to mine to unload my car then!) so we got Oli, who then told me that I also needed to pick up Katie as well (uh-oh I only mae space in me car for one extra passenger lol!) we then headed over to the Head of the River pub on the Thames & hung out having just the one beverage ('cos I was driving - duh! Then went home & chilled & watched some rubbishy Tv - yaaay rubbishy TV!!!

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