7 Aug 2007

day 7!

Hey y'all as you can probably tell, I've managed to get my phone online - yaaay! As such, expect a few more updates today lol! currently sat on a minibus full of kids from the youngest boys & girls tent (of camp) & am on the way to scuba diving - sweeet!!

We continue!!

Day 7 - Friday:

Mostly a chilled day, had to go over to sort out some things with my Brother & to try to get him to clean my car - yaaay clean car!! Then went back home & had my Mum being all panicky & going off in a huff - yaaay family politics lol!! Anyways spent the rest of the avo repacking my clothes for camp - trying to weave some magic & only take about half the stuff I had last time & sort out a computator for Jen as well!! Also during this time I managed to find a rad hotel to crash at after the wedding tommorow - not bad, 4 star & about 10 minutes drive from Andover - excellent!

Picked up Jen in the evening, took a little while & wasn't helped that she did not have a phone for me to contact her on - d'oh!! Yeah I kinda wasn't sure whether I was supposed to get her from the coach or train station......oops!!

Then me & young Jennie had a rather nice & posh dinner (even if I do say so myself lol!!) of; sunblushed tomatoes, rocket, baby spinich & camembert, in a puff pastry, & chicken, pesto & tomato en croute (in a cross pastry ting!) with roasted potatoes & some good wine - yaaaay! Was good to cook again, & loads of fun to!! Then it was back to chillaxing & watching 'Five Children & It' (again!) & falling asleep in the middle of it (again!!).

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