7 Aug 2007

Holiday Diary Day 5

Day 5: Wednesday

Got up by 10am & after a life reviving cup of tea, got down to the buisness of the interweeb lol! Posted a couple of my diary entries & checked all Facebook & email entries - nice! But at the same time giving some advice to the Sid to try to get a journal finished (he had to resubmit a couple of bits of work) he's got one more & hopefully I'll be able to help him nail that to!!

Spent much time on the net today, with young Sid, with only a couple of breaks for food & drink! Got one journal nailed which was great & repacked the car & got my bike out (& it had a flat tyre hmmmmm not cool!!) & am about to go for a ride........after my cup of tea though lols!!!!

Went for a massive bike ride (about 3 hours) & took in some cool sights, like the biggest cemetery (scary) & some army testing places - was very cool, but managed to get a puncture (Sid, mate, riding a road bike over rocky ground is a really bad idea lol!!) when we got back (in the twilight lol) I was totally exhausted (a good thing some might say!) & we just monged out in front of some comedy on TV & had a flick through Private Eye!

Also spoke to my Cousin (Kat) & it looks like I'm not going down to Brighton tommorow now, she's busy & her parents are away - d'oh! My plan is now to try to find a campsite somewhere near Andover & be there for 3 nights, then head down to camp instead!!

Just before going to bed me & Sid had an intense pray for each others needs; kids, situations, opportunities for Sid & heart, family, situations, health, opportunity & kids for me. Was really good to be encouraged & encourage someone else in prayer - it'd been a fair while since that happened!!

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