19 Sep 2007

Thursday GCSE results day

Got up, 4 minutes to get dressed & some coffee before the morning meeting! This was nice & encouraging, but I prayed my prayers in silence, rather than out loud - for blessings in every conversation over the day...could be interesting day! Next was the 5th session, was cool, & talked to the Ama & Tim about their results – two very different tales, but both enlightening! The afternoon’s activities was a rad bike ride! Was like 15 miles, but proper narly!! Managed to injure my leg, by getting the cog-bit [yeah I’m sure that’s technical term dude!] digging in my shin – now that’s why I hate mountain bikes now lolz!! Then on the way back was proper hardcore, 2 of the tent-crew had 2 punctures within 5 minutes of fixing the first one – nightmare! Then had to guess our way back to the start point – was cool skills-work – big shout for the BELA lolz! Then was really nice to Kirsten & she gave me a hug & a diet-coke – things is getting better relationally with all the leaders, so feeling more stoked. The evening’s activities was the fireworks display at Poole – was rad & I accidentally picked up some sand from the beach for my room – overall, a good day!

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