21 Sep 2007

Uploads from the summer, but meh, what ya gonna do!! There are 11 & I will try to put them in on the correct date…well I say try!!

28 - Friday - nightmare first start – came in a little late to the meeting, but walked into a sh*tstorm – 2 of the campers were in trouble & were to be sent home that day – not good mes amies! Kept out of it as far as possible, wasn’t that hungry, so started prepping for session at breaky, outside & sat with The Ama. Had some inspirational thoughts for he & a rad track called ‘Needle in the Hay’ by Elliot Smith [for her from the Adam Freeland – Back to Mine Album] because of her ‘rents being ‘a little silly’ about her GCSE results & that it might generally help! Had the 6th session, then headed out for the shopping challenge [in Bournemouth]. We parked in almost the exact same spot when I came down to see Mich – how bizarre, how bizarre! I hung around Footie match - England vs Wales part 2! Head injury much! Was quite a blow to the head – mentioning no names - but it’s given me another rad scar tho!! So let me get this straight – Junior Week nothing – Seniors week – 2 narly scars on my leg & something to make me look like Harry Potter on my eyebrow – fail lolz!! Big dinner dressup, but feel lousy in the evenining & chillax as much as possible, don’t really take part in the games session thing, but did throw a bucket of water at James M whilst he’s in the stocks – come on it’s the law…officer lolz!

29 - Saturday - final day on camp today – d’oh! Final session – write the cards for everyone – try to come up with a verse for each in the tent crew. Goodbye’s were pretty emotional, but rad. Got some really positive encouragement from one of my tent-crew Paul. It’s weird – everyone has now gelled & getting on great…but it’s the last day – grrrr!! Captain Beakie turned up – bizarreness, but cool! My final act of camp is to go to the pub, but first lose phone, then go to pub & forget bag – I think I may be a little tired!! Hang out till late – then run away home!! But wait there’s more bbloggites – go see Mad Eye on the way home, have coffee, chillax – even though I think I may need a shower!! I see an insight into the wonderful world of girl lolz, then Maddie gives me a glass heart & I go home lolz!!!

30 – Sunday – a recovery day…or not! Bruv hassle – dare I even begin to go on about this – in short – no! Also showed my predecessor & HB around the new Youth Centre, as they hadn’t seen it! Next had a big-ass bike ride – awesomeness & win! Then chillaxed with hobbit, a little bit of the IT crowd & a beer, then texting till 2am loz, mentioning no names lolz!!

31 - Bank Holiday Monday - established the funding for the big finale of my Road Trip ’07! Then met up with Soph & helped her with her computator. In the avo met up with me Da – had a steak in Café Rouge…in London & went around St Paul’s cathedral, then tried [& stress the word tried!!] to get home – the traffic really REALLY sucked, but I talked to a certain Mad Eye on the way home!!

32 - Tuesday: 1 bike ride of doom - hobbit gets puncture in Kirtlington & has to get his dad out to recover him – d’oh, but then I cane it all the way back from there – was so very liberating!! Then make choons for the Madders [rawk & dance if you were wondering!], then off to Mr Olivander in London! Curry & Sunshine, red wine & nachos!! Up till 2. Then crash on sofa! Yeah that pretty much sums it up lolz!! It was good to see young Mr Olivander settling into his new life in Londinium & meet his house-crew – they’ve very rad – a little sketchiness, but that’s to be expected lolz!!

33 - Wednesday: it’s a Hodgkins/Warman family runion – let’s try to see all of my Dads side of family in 1 day!! Manage to See Nanna & Grandad, Shirley & Greg, Andy, Gaz & Emma! Impressive Obi-Wan! Then back in Ox by 12.40am - harcore!! It was a really awesome day – just seeing family – not for a function, just because I wanted to! Special mention was for seeing Grandad – I’ve never really just hung out with the great man & talked about many things – even reflecting on this now it’s a very happy memory – one of the best of the whole summer! Like finding out he loves the music from Ol’ Blue Eyes [that’s Mr Frank Sinatra for those who don’t know!!] & what he did for his career & during the war – even about him knowing the current Duke of Malborough & meeting him 50 years later druing the VE 50th celebrations at the Duke’s home [Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire] a few years ago – bizarre, but so insightful. Also the awesomeness of seeing mes cousins – they’re a great bunch & we don’t hook up often enough – oh the joys of youthwork vs married & very busy lives! Also seeing my aunt & uncle was great – my Godfather always has some great advice & really listens to what I have to say!

34 - Thursday: up super-early - sorting out Richard’s laptop, then bike-ride repeat of previous route - super-fast! Then off to Woking to pick up Madders, then back to Bicester Village, then drop back in Woking then home - eeeek much drivering methinks! But how much fun!! I don't buy anything, but the Madders does - Diesel jeans & top (silky!) & a rad top from French Connection! I very nearly bought smart jumper from Paul Smith, but their price was down from £52 to…£50 - fail!!

35 - Friday: get stuff together & head down to see JMC, but see Mikey on the way in somewhere beginning with T near Cheltenham [lolz]. Many a phone conversation on the way down to J’s & it took aaaaaaages! Need to pick up Josephine at Tiverton station, arrive 7.15pm, Jo arrived at around 9 lol!! Then drove the rest of the way to J’s [about an hour] where he had pizza & vino waiting for us – I managed to consume a bottle & a half somehow! I got him a list together of everything bike-orientated that he might need to get eventually. We stayed up late chatting & putting the world to rights, whilst sending a text or two lolz

36 - Sat: got up when J did & really struggled till about 12 – d’oh!! Then we headed to Woolacombe beach for a walk, to check out the narly surfers & kayakers in the sea. Jo then took me out for a meal in a pub called the Red Barn – the all-day breakfast for the ultra-win!! Then back for another walk on the beach to the car, to meet J in a village called Braunton [famous for me, only because of its fish & chip restaurant – the best I’ve ever had – it’s called Squires & it owns!!!] so he could get a bike!! He had already chosen his Felt bike…which turned out to be a GT Series 4 [muppet!!] but I helped him get some clothing & accessories [using the list I made last night] including the essentials: Endura shorts & jersey [yellow], a [blue] Bell road helmet, mitts, plus a bottle & cage, a really good bag for his saddle [small & aerodynamic], which had no emergency kit in it…but I suggested tyre-levers, a multi-tool, & puncture plasters to keep him going. He got the bike & all accessories with a healthy 10% discount - marvellous! Then we went to Squires for fish & chips [win win win!!] & headed back to J’s for some food & vino!! Watched the Inside Man & then Enigma…while I was on the phone!! Then went to bed.

37 - Sunday: Walk with Max around Ilfracombe Church [vision], dinner with Granny Cranston, walk with Max & Sammy [rope burn for the fail], drop Jo off with J’s friend who would drive her to Tiverton train station, then pint in the red barn [yaaay], walk with Max near Woolacombe, then visit J’s ‘local’ where he know the staff really well, try to help kids with pool – fail miserably!! J treated my to dinner [nice one mate!], then home, vino, internet’s & bed…eventually!!

38 - Monday: cycle [my bike is officially broked], sort out J’s iTunes library & iPod…nearly lol! clay pigeon shooting, JMC horse riding while I get my stuff together, then surf time, then drive home!! A short note – for such a big day!!! The final finale in the BIG Road Trip 2007 for the Pikachu!!!

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