6 Sep 2007

Day 26 - so fresh & so clean!

Day 26 - Wednesday

Got up, when James did, except he was going for a run - d'oh! Went back to bed till 7.55, then got up all in a panic as the morning meeting was at 8!! Prepped for the discussion group - going to be tough - doing study in Romans, which was hard enough for the leaders to understand - hopefully some wisdom will be granted for the discussions. Had the 4th Session - a recap, then Jesus' life, death & resurrection. Before session, had some really great songs - 'This is Jesus' & 'How Great is our God' - yaaay, but my voice is definitely not in the right place at the moment & not as strong as on junior week. The discussion session went ok, got everyone talking which was really great, the only problem was really the wind, which was blowing the marquee like a giant sail (definitely the most windy day so far!).

Swimming - ahhh a shower & a swim - ain't nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh & so clean lol (that's from an Outkast song if u were wondering!) it was rad to get clean again, & try to exercise my aching knees & shoulders - w00t w00t!!

When we got back, we prepped to play a Manhunt/Fugitive game in the woods! The theory was that there would be 7 leaders hiding, with a 3 minute head-start, then each tent crew had to find each of the 7 leaders, in a specific order. In my infinite (though most would say questionable!) wisdom, I decided that we should add a little more hype & realism to the games - cue a couple of Super-soakers & cap guns for the woods! Well I thought (quite correctly) that if I'm hyped up & wanting to take part, then the campers would be to! So we got 'locked & loaded' & set off to find James M, & did...eventually, then were on an actual mission to “find Phil” (who had been running the spiritual program!). After what seemed like a really long time [it really was!], a hole was found in the plan - one group had no leader, or torches - so went missing for a bit! Also managed to lose Phil - he turned up well over a mile away from everyone else, but we got him back…eventually!!

When we got back to base, Kirsten was already running the Saloon - this time with a chocolate fountain - was proper rad, then debrief & bed…at last!!

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