19 Oct 2007


Forgive me Mr Internet for I have sinned – it has been many, many weeks since my last blog! [does it offend you, yeah? If so – sorry mon ami!]

There is much going on in the world off the Pikachu. Much contemplation, prayer & reading has happened since ‘The endless, glorious summer of 2007’! So I’ll try to briefly fill you in.

For those not in the know, I’ve been doing a degree course for just over 2 years now, & have also been attending weekly counselling sessions since Easter. The degree is trying to teach me to be a reflective practitioner & in a very strange way, the counselling is also assisting me on that quest.

I seem to have now developed this [potentially irritating] habit of thinking before acting. Now this strange concept has been going on post-summer holidays & now is taken over much of how I think and act.

So, for example, I started to think that I should start to look for a job, so re-subscribed to youthwork magazine, so I could check out the vacancies section, amongst other things. When looking through, I starred a couple of likely-looking posts, but rather than just ring them all, I stopped…did nothing for a few days & simply offered it up to God. I then decided on just one to go for [incidentally this was ‘that’ job that I got so many of you to pray for!] – but really go for it. Again I stopped & thought about this place – could it work, would it be right for me, would I be right for it, etc. Then I fully engaged with my preparation & attended the interview after being short-listed. I didn’t get the job in the end, but wasn’t too disappointed – there was nothing wrong with my interview or anything, it was just that they wanted someone to start immediately & full-time & that was just something I could commit to just yet.

This brings me nicely on to my second example. In my ‘personal’ life, I’m bringing more contemplation into everything. So when I started to having feelings for a particular person [who, for now, will remain completely nameless, but she knows who she is!] I actually stopped & didn’t rush into anything. I still haven’t rushed into a relationship, even after establishing various things like if we ‘liked’ each other, etc. & talking about the potential for a relationship. After advice from my good friend Sid, everything has been done slowly & with much prayer, thought & contemplation. Right now we’re giving each other time & space to think & pray about the realities of forming a relationship.

I’ve even read a book that had been recommended many moons ago by Mrs Woods – the Five Love Languages & it’s made a real impact into my thinking & something I’m using to better understand the actions of those around, myself & most importantly my Dad. But that is another story & one which I will attempt to blog sooner rather than later – you never know – he might even read it!! ;o)



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