29 Oct 2007


OK I haven't been blogging recently - I've been writing instead - an interesting theory & I thought I'd share some of what's beeen going on. It's really more detailed than this, but here's some insight bloggers!

I've been having a week to think, pray & reflect about the possibility of a relationship with a girl. During that time, I really prayed about things & God really did some work in my life - this is life a mini-testimony really....kinda!!

Anyways I was given a brief vision - but nothing to do with the matters of my heart...or so I thought. When I say vision, I'm talking about an image which I could really see, & was not a memory, but something else. People may not agree with this [theologically] but this is just my own understanding. This vision was of a glimpse of a picture which looked like this:

My Father in heaven was walking through a garden with me, as a father does with his child, deep in conversation and laying a hand on my shoulder.

Which made me wonder if it’s just the wanderings of my mind about how my own father treats me [i.e. that never happens], or if it was a true vision of how God wants to interact with me at this turning point in my life? It's an interesting question which I went on to develop, but it also made me remember previous visions & caused me to write the whole thing down. It was an intersting exercise, because it was focusing my attentions on God & my own faith, rather than on the girl.

This made me have what I would call a good God-week & that was a really positive thing. Now all I need to do is to keep going, so if you read this pray for me, for strength in my faith.



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