31 Oct 2007

Wednesday reflections…from Tuesday!

A very interesting day yesterday – not only having lunch with my good friend Floatie, but also had one of the best counselling sessions so far! It almost sounds cheesy, but they really worked for me, the two techniques that my counsellor JP got me to try were 1) Try to find ‘a happy place’. 2) Really concentrate on your breathing & try to hold your out-breath for a little longer.

But the really interesting part for me is the difference that it made to my whole experience of counselling. These were techniques with the purpose of remaining in control. So that when exploring the memories that I started seeing JP for, I could remain in control of my emotions, rather than letting those memories be in control of me. Overall, the effect was very good. We shall see next week if it works well, when it shall be used during the exploration of very difficult & hazy memories.



Incidentally the happy place that I found was sat with my best friend J on his sofa, in his house in Devon, just chatting about life the universe & everything & overlooking the town of Ilfracombe – a simple yet very powerful place for me. I told him as such as well – not a bad idea mate lolz!

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