7 Nov 2007

Busy busy busy!!

Had a great week - started my relationship with my (now girlfriend) Mad Eye. In definitely not a romanticalistic (is that a word?!) I wrote her a song, put it in a card & it was quite sweet, at the end I told her I was going to ask her a question.....which is where I asked her if she wanted to go out with me......

.......& she did - win!!!

Also had good conversations with the Hobbit on the Wednesday - a very reciprical dialogue about life, love & putting the world to rights lolz & generally building up each other & praying for each other - win win!!

Managed to see Mad Eye on the Monday & the Thursday which was rad, then she was in Abingdon at the weekend so saw her on ummm Friday, Saturday & Sunday lolz! Spending some quality time was great & just really made me feel all loved up - awwwww!!

Oh & on Saturday I got some very rad Vans replacement - black Puma's with 4 pairs of laces (yes I said 4!) green, blue, purple & orange - insane but proper rad! & Hung out with Doodley in the evening - sillyness & conversation - winner!

Six signing off!!

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