7 Nov 2007

Tuesday Blogging.....on a Wednesday!

Had counselling today & it was really insightful - JP got me to use a very interesting technique to explore some very difficult memories. That was rather than just using straight memories, use my (creative) imagination so that the original memories can be added to. Therefore the memories become a maliable media - not just raw.

So one could visit the memory (which was bad) & then say - right if you today was to walk in or disturb the situation in that memory what would you do, as a confident adult youthworker?

This technique was something that (again) I had not even considered using, but you effectively become the 'director' & can change the previously remebered outcome of the memory - to create a happy ending.

However, even though I felt quite positive after the session, I think that it hit me a little later on in the day - as I felt a little sketchy most of the afternoon & evening. Then talked to the Mad Eye & got cheered up - winner!

Smiley-Six out!!

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